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IDEAS FROM MY SUMMER GARDEN IN CALIFORNIA.  I am a big fan of Succulents!  They come in a variety of forms, colors, textures and offer many possibilities for handsome combinations.

 GARDEN COLOR  I like to move containers to bring color to various parts of the garden.  I have used two of my Sunbrella designed fabrics Trax persimmon and Flower Power.  These bold fabric colors accent the basket of plants.  The plants used are colorful coleus and white begonia.

 TOPIARY. These structures lend interest to any garden.  I have had this iron form for many years and have nursed this variegated ivy on the structure.  This shape or any other shape is easy to create with the proper iron form.

 ARTIC SUMMER or Verbascum bombyciferum is a biennial that likes full sun and moderate water.  It works so well with this stone statuary…almost looks like it was carved from stone. Spikes of yellow flowers appear in the summer.

MIX CONTAINERS AND PLANTS  My personal favorites are coleus, hydrangea and all kinds of succulents.  Mixing colors and textures in pots I have collected move from garden to table.  Perfect for table decorations.

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