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Joe Ruggiero August Newsletter

August News

Summer Flowers From The Garden


When summer flowers grow, a few in a vase make a charming accent to any room.

Great Cornbread From Daughter Beth

Made In America Week!

We salute all the fine American Craftspeople that make our products. @sunbrella @gatcreek @milestalbott @textillery. We are honored to promote your products.Tribeca_Gable

Room For Comfort!

We design rooms that you can “live in” make yourself comfortable and never worry about being careful! Kid and pet friendly and easily cleaned Sunbrella fabrics make this a room for everyone to enjoy. Miles Talbott Upholstery and Gat Creek Wood pieces. Textillery Weavers for Decorative Throws that go inside and out.#2Salon_Sofa_Chair

I Love Kids Art!

During the summer, nothing makes me happier than sharing the studio @mericherryla (on Instagram.)  Here my grandchildren can create and spend hours exploring the objects (wire, paper, paint, fabric swatches, etc.) to build structures and collages as well as large pieces of art. Wonderful place to explore. Meri Cherry Art Studio in Tarzana, California.IMG_2598

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