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“Caesar Salad” Easy Recipe

Nice and easy for a wonderful, healthy and slimming dinner. Caesar salad and roasted chicken. So good.

“Grandchildren Ideas” Easy Vignette

After a busy weekend with the grand children, beautiful pale lavender  Helleores from the garden and a toy left welcome joyous memories.

“Decorating Ideas” Decorative Throws You Put in the Washer

Look for new Sunbrella decorative throws in the Joe Ruggiero Collection. We will feature a wide aray of colors in our new Textillery collection, at Miles Talbott.

“Stir Fry” Easy Dish For Entertaining

Beth’s real easy “Stir Fry.”  This ls a combo of Italy and China.

“Valentines Day” Gift Idea

My daughter Beth shares a wonderful Valentine’s gift for all of us. Thanks Beth.

“Stew” Hardy Dish From The South of France

Love this hearty stew for the cold days! My daughter had this on a trip to the South of France.

“Color Trends 2013” JOE adds a new color palette.

JOE has got a “brand new bag.” Look for a new attitude for The Joe Ruggiero Collection.

“Topiary” Joe’s Small Topiary Garden

Joe Ruggiero’s garden with small topiary. Table cover Trax/Persimmon.

New Decorative Throw Joe Ruggiero Design

Joe Ruggiero Decorative Throw for Textillery. The soft hand of this throw, made from Sunbrella fibers makes it easy to throw in the wash and not worry about spills. Pictured against upholstery fabric Trax/Mink.

New Colors For JOE Collection

This spring Joe Ruggiero introduces a new group of products for the Joe Ruggiero Collection. Simply called JOE

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