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Beth’s Cream of Tomato

Such a great dish for easy supper after a day outside.

Beth’s Planning Thanksgiving

Beth's Planning Thanksgiving

My daughter Beth( is an amazing cook. This year we will be hosted by she her husband Philippe ( and their children. Pictured are the festivities last year and I am sure this will be another great year. Thanks for so much and family all over the USA.

Beth’s Home Made Donuts

What a treat. These little “bites” are easy to make and so delicious. Bet you can not eat just one.

Mourning The Loss Of JFK

Mourning The Loss Of JFK

No matter what the conspiracy theories, the loss of a President is tragic. We remember this President and his family this week.

The Simply Stated Home.

Textile Exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

imagesTextile Exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

Travel through the ages and the art of hand made textiles. This exhibit will inspire.

Beth’s Delicious Apple Turnovers

Great Idea for Thanksgiving.

Fall Leaves Bouquet

Fall Leaves Bouquet

I like to bring Fall into our home in California. Preserved leaves, hydrangea and twigs from the garden. I will add evergreen as we get closer to Christmas. Nice natural decorations for the Holiday Season

Joe’s Design Predictions For 2014

Join Joe as he tours you through his showroom to show new fabrics, furniture and colors for the year 2014!

Design Books, My Passion

Design Books, My Passion

I now have a collection of many hundreds of design books and it gives me great joy and is the basis for much of my research. Yes, I do travel a bit and keep up with Fashion runways but there is something about going through my library of books that constantly keeps me inspired. Thanks to all that have gifted many of these.

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