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The April 2010 High Point Furniture Market marked the Tenth Anniversary for the Joe Ruggiero Brand. To mark the occasion we introduced Signature.  This JR/Sunbrella pattern is actually my signature enlarged many times and is an exclusive for Miles Talbott.

My new JR/Sunbrella pattern Signature/Grey was produced as an exclusive for Miles Talbott; here you see the fabric on our Germaine chair. I like to use this rather contemporary pattern on a classic French chair.

The Maxfield Sofa from Miles Talbott in a crisp JR/Sunbrella white/white called Trax/Salt  appropriate beach scene from my collection for W.King Ambler.

Our blue & white room was a bit hit with the High Point Furniture Market buyers. A fresh one color and white JR/Sunbrella patterns gave the room serenity. Chevy, Joe’s Paisley and Cara stripe all combine to give the room a Seaside feeling.

New Sunbrella pattern Neimes/Spring, a classic provencal stripe on the JR all weather wicker.

Red Room at the April 2010 High Point Furniture Market.

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