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Report on our new Sunbrella Fabric: Bene and a new finish for Miles Talbott:Driftwood. All new at the Fall 2009 Furniture Market.

Here’s a look at my new Showroom at Miles Talbott Furniture in High Point. The new hot color is Stone in the patterns Kenya & Dots Nice in my Sandstone group for Sunbrella.

The Kids Stay in the Picture or any room in the house with my Sunbrella fabrics & Miles Talbott furniture there is no worry where to sit or eat a snack. Easy care for heavy wear! So kids enjoy your home!

Here I am in my showroom at Miles Talbott.  Report from High Point, North Carolina.


why use sunbrella indoors Here are ideas for Sunbrella Fabrics indoors.

LUNCH & LEARN IN BEVERLY HILLS. I will be conducting these lunches in major cities to present my latest fabric designs for Sunbrella to Interior Designers.

Presenting my Fabric Collection to the designer guests.

Roma one of my new Sunbrella fabrics in two colors greeted guests.

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