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The September Newsletter

September newsletter

Happy Labor Day 2013!

Natural Walls For The Garden


My son-in-law, Philippe LeManach of Accents of France has created beautiful walls of ficus bushes that have been carefully trained to create walls for rooms in the garden. He has also designed and manufactured these pieces of architecture, featuring urns and pedestals. Looking from space to space gives the feeling you are in a very special French garden. For more information

Toronto Event With Joe Ruggiero


Looking forward to visiting with our friends, clients and interior designers in Canada.

Ad In Veranda


Look for our Ad in Veranda Magazine. September/October 2013 Issue.

Natural Color Pop

How many times have we looked at Nature’s color choices and passed them by. This past week my eyes were filled with so many outstanding colors; I just had to share with you. Enjoy.

Memories Of Malibu



Growing up on the beach, I can vividly remember those wonderful summers with my family. Now I can share with my sons and daughters and my grand children. It is a thrill to be able to see them enjoy the ocean as I did and now as I DO watching them discover the beach.

Nobu Malibu Beautiful Restaurant


Crunchy & Delicious in a Sweet/Sour sauce.

Crunchy & Delicious in a Sweet/Sour sauce.

Served in hot caldron with rhubarb and plums.

Served in hot caldron with rhubarb and plums.

What a delightful new location for Nobu the California/Asian restaurant in Malibu California. Reservations a must to enjoy the spectacular views of the ocean. We loved the food, service and ambiance.

Denim For Upholstery


As long as I can remember, I have been wearing denim. Perhaps it was my first trip west when I was 9 years old. I also like the way it wears on upholstery…like iron. This market October 2013 we will introduce a denim look that is bound to be well received by those who like to enjoy their homes and with our Sunbrella intros you can be assured they will wear beautifully with no worries.

Healthy Restaurant in Venice, California


Treat your body & soul to healthy, organic food at Cafe Gratitude. The selections are quite unusual but certainly something to explore even if you are not particularly interested in this type of Menu. It is part of the California experience.