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Thanks Susan For Your Kind Words.

Our strong support for quality in everything our manufacturers support.

Beth’s wonderful French Onion Soup!

This is a meal in a soup bowl and so hearty for a cold winter night.

The Beach House

The Beach House

Growing up on the Jersey Shore we always dreamed of going to California. Now that I live in California I feel compelled to share that lifestyle. It is for that reason I brought Malibu to the Furniture Market this year. Comfortable, relaxed and easy care. That is really what my designs are about.

Beth’s Wonderful Pot Pie

News From Furniture Market

Sorry for the lack of posts but I am now at the High Point Furniture Market and busy meeting buyers and installing my showroom. I will return On October 24 and hope to have more postings and reactions from this twice a year show. Thanks for your patience.

Beth’s Fancy Mac & Cheese

Beth makes it so easy to entertain. Here is a great idea for an informal party.

Putting It Together!

Something about getting ready for Furniture Market. It is almost like a new birth. New fabrics to be shown; new color trends to be introduced, new furniture to unfold. We work almost a year in advance to prepare for this and it is always a challenge but also very rewarding and fun.

If you are going to Furniture Market we would love to invite you to join us at Miles Talbott, 1690 English Road or call and we will send a car 336-889-3424.

Flexible Furniture

39084 Joe's Studio Table MalibuMistIMG_4540

I like flexible wood furniture pieces that can move from room to room and service the needs of the home owner. When I design wood furniture for Gat Creek I am very aware of what people are asking for: a place to put a drink, snacks or extra room for a computer or Ipad. Functional Furniture is what I design most and it is all Made in America.
May I also add,all my fabrics and furniture are kid & pet friendly. No worries about wear and very comfortable too.

Beth’s Pot de Creme. Wonderful dessert.

Wonderful New York Apartment For Young Couple

10.4.13: Mercedes Desio and Alberto Villalobos | New York Social Diary.

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