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Early Spring primroses in planters of moss add early color to the garden.

My love of succulents begins as they start to send up flower stalks.

Spring comes to California in our garden.

Deborah Sanders of Veranda Magazine had lunch with me in Atlanta to see my new Sunbrella fabrics and Miles Talbott Furnishings.  What a delightful lady she is!

( left in photo) Donna Hysmith of Designers Gallery is the Designer Buzz in Nashville. What a great group of talented designers.

Enjoyed my visit to the Furniture Shoppe in Chattanooga, Tenn. Carter and Chapel Fowler ( brother and sister) made me feel right at home.

I tour Florida for Robb & Stucky to present my Sunbrella and Miles Talbott collections. I really enjoy meeting the consumers who buy my products.

A great group of consumers greeted me to listen to the Sunbrella fabric story. It was such a joy to tell them all the about this “kid friendly” fabric with easy care and heavy wear.

Kris Kolar Style Director of Robb & Stucky conducted a television interview for use on key TV markets throughout the U.S.

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