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Spring is Here!

Such a special time of year. We delight in spending time in the garden. The roses have taken a new life with the winter rains we have here in California. They have never looked this vibrant before.

Garden Design

As Spring approaches we begin to look to the garden. Our garden is basically a ‘green garden” so it is not that hard to plant new accent colors. I happen to like roses and we have set an area for a rose garden. I use my Sunbrella collection throughout the garden My wide stripe “Upland” is now 15 years old and loves the intense California sun.

Succulent Centerpiece

Such an easy way to root succulents and create a centerpiece for a table in the garden. These plants can then be planted and potting soil to start a new decorative succulent plant. I especially like the subtle colors against the terra-cotta dish.

Join Me On Instagram Too!

For behind the scenes and instant happenings, join me on Instagram.

For behind the scenes and instant happenings, join me on Instagram.

The Season of Roses

The Season of Roses

Now that the garden is giving us such beautiful roses, we like pick “one at a time” and showcase the beauty of each variety; no need to group them in big bouguets.


I am a big fan of these plants. They can be a beautiful addition to your garden in pots. Easily moved, enjoy lots of water and filtered light but I like to bring them indoors for table decorations and spots in the living room but remember only a short period. They are meant to be outdoors. Very rewarding and very easy to root in dirt or water.IMG_5440OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Gravel In The Garden

Since childhood I can remember the sounds of walking on gravel or the sounds of cars driving up onto gravel. It is funny that most all of my homes have employed the use of gravel in the garden. Certainly a wonderful way to be responsible to water usage and to create an

The tidy look of pea gravel in the areas of my garden.

The tidy look of pea gravel in the areas of my garden.

The entrance court to my daughter's home with gravel.

The entrance court to my daughter’s home with gravel.

elegant,European look to the landscape.

Dusk Comes To The Garden

IMG_3494There is a magic light when dusk comes to our garden. The light plays tricks and almost looks like a “lighting director” has orchestrated the light. This is our favorite corner of the garden to sit as night falls and we bring lanterns to the table. IMG_3496

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