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Happy Thanksgivng. Welcome from my daughter to the family and friends gathered to give thanks.

Some Visitors For The Feast! My son and Brooke Barlow thought it a good idea to dress accordingly.

Simple But Elegant Table Decor.

My daughter the Thanksgiving Chef. Some of the herbs used in the prep came from her garden. Delicious.

Thanksgiving To Remember! November 2009. Beautiful day in southern California at my daughter and son-in-law’s potager (vegetable garden). This what makes living in California so nice.

This fall season I introduce a new Sunbrella pattern called: Royal Oaks in the color Wren. This is a pattern to enjoy for many seasons.

Celebrate The Fall of the Berlin Wall! My hope is: to tear down all walls and live united in Peace!

Enjoying the same view from Sir Noel Coward’s retreat in Jamaica called Firefly. I get inspiration from visiting the homes of artists to see how or where they have been inspired to create.

Sir Noel Coward looking at the spectacular view from his Jamaican retreat Firefly. I had the pleasure of visiting this incredible house which is now a museum.

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