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I LIKE THESE PLANTERS AT THE ENTRY TO THE POOL GARDEN. It reminds me of the gardens I cherish in France.  The Bay Laurel standards are hardy and maintain a rich green color all year long.

ACCENTS OF FRANCE LATTICE! This beautiful lattice gives the garden a focal point. I like the way a pot of flowers is reflected in the mirror. Check out

SUNBRELLA WARDROBE OF TABLECLOTHS! I like to change out our tablecloths for entertaining.  Sunbrella makes it real easy to do just that.  In this corner of the garden we entertain all summer long and can change the color or pattern anytime we want a new motif. Easy care and heavy wear.

New Sunbrella Fabric! The pattern Chop Block makes great decorative pillows.  I was inspired by Bauhaus designs during my visit to the German legendary school in 2000.

AT THE FRONT ENTRANCE TO THE HOUSE I like to arrange an “ever changing” vignette of plants and pots.  These rotate through the various gardens at different times of the year and I also change flowers for the seasons.

POTS FOR THE COURTYARD These pots are hand thrown created by Witchford Pottery, Chipping Norton, England.  I have mixed coleus with a variety of succulents and a few white impatiens.

SUCCULENT WREATH FROM CHRISTMAS! Still looks good during the summer.  I give it plenty of water, sometimes even soaking the entire wreath.  I also add plants to open spaces during the year to make it full and interesting.

WHITE AND GREEN FOR THE ENTRANCE TO THE POOL GARDEN I trained the boxwood into topiaries and used all white impatiens to give a stately entrance into the pool area. Planter boxes (beyond) from Accents of France.

What’s happening in my garden. I like to use these varrigated ivy towers to keep on the table in the front terrace.  One interesting succulent is always ready to be a centerpiece.

Cobblestone & Vine in Little Rock Ark. has opened a new location! This is another one of those little design gems.  What a pleasure to have my product represented by talented owners and design staff!

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